Vulfgang Rainstorme

A Yellow Spot

by Vulfgang Rainstorme

Released 2017
Released 2017
An instrumental playground of obtuse musical testaments to nothing in particular & everything under the sun.
"These tracks are ultimately dedicated to my mother (1961 to 2016), though most were written during an on-off period of 6 years that began in 2010. I personally view this work as a collage of all the particularly special instrumental pieces I made over those years, each of whose composition served as a powerful form of private comfort and escape for me in my early to mid twenties. In the fall of 2016, while mom waited for her 10 year cancer to finally let her rest, the selections were complied and then lovingly stitched/pasted/crammed/smashed together into a final, uncertain statement, released on what would have been her 56th birthday."

Written, produced, arranged & engineered by Vulfgang Rainstorme

Mastered by Misjah @

Album artwork by Vulfgang Rainstorme